Here for NYNOW? Avoid overpriced, mediocre convention center food with Our Summer 2017 FCTRY Guide to Places to Eat and Drink Near the Javits Center.

Overpriced cafeteria food served in dimly lit spaces is one thing to not look forward to when you’re going to the Javits Center for NYNOW. Javits, and its surrounding Hudson Yards area, has largely been considered a food desert with not much else besides buses and construction. That has slowly, but surely been changing with the advent of new developments in the area, making it ripe for new restaurants and cafes. 

As New Yorkers and long-time Javits exhibitors, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of our favorite local places to eat and drink near the Javits Center. From quick breakfasts to classy dinners for the hungry buyer, we have you covered for NYNOW. Save yourself from mundane coffee and sad sandwiches with our guide for NYNOW Summer 2017!

FCTRY’s NYNOW Food & Drink Map

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Coffee that ISN’T Starbucks

If you’re like us, you need a strong cup of coffee or two to get you through a long day at NYNOW. The Starbucks in Javits is the closest and most convenient, but be warned. It suffers from long lines, poor service, and worst, some of the most expensive, marked up prices for a Starbucks. You’ll thank us later for the better coffee.

1. Think Coffee – 10 minute walk –  $

This particular Think Coffee location is tucked away in the courtyard of Silver Towers so you’ll be shielded from the buzz of NYC traffic. Just make sure you don’t miss it when you’re walking by.

  • Quiet atmosphere for working. Think library levels of quiet.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Outdoor seating.
  • Reliable, delicious coffee.
  • FCTRY Pick: Dough Doughnuts. Go for the Dulce de Leche if they have it.
© 2017 Think Coffee.

2. Romeo and Juliet Columbian Coffee – 11 minute walk – $

It’s as close as Think Coffee, but the atmosphere is more relaxed. This is the place to go if you’re looking to make some calls while enjoying a caffeine boost. There always seems to be a place to sit and spread out if you need to get some work done, even at its peak.

  • Casual, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Plenty of (indoor) tables and seating.
  • Extensive menu of both hot and cold drinks.
  • Strong, delicious coffee.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Outdoor seating.

3. Rustic Table – 13 minute walk – $$

If you’re looking for a sit-down place to grab your morning coffee and a hot breakfast then Rustic Table should be your pick. Rustic Table has salads, sandwiches, and classic breakfast favorites on top of a solid coffee menu. Better yet, Rustic Table strives to source all of its ingredients from local farms.

  • Farm to table food.
  • All-day breakfast plus tasty lunch options.
  • Great ambiance.
  • Coffee and healthy smoothies.
  • Free Wi-Fi.

4. Old Country Coffee – 10 minute walk – $

Old Country Coffee is a nearby cafe to grab a quick drink and snack. The cute decor and the friendly staff will make you feel like you’re in a much quieter city. Stop by for a little breather away from the chaos around Javits.

  • Friendly staff.
  • Offers hot food & pastries.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • FCTRY Pick: Lavendar Tea Latte

Lunch Spots with Shorter Lines and (Much) Better Food

Grab a bite to eat outside of the cafeteria for tastier, healthier options at a great value. You’ll escape the chaos of the cafeteria and get a better bang for your buck.

5. Friedman’s – 8 minute walk – $$ 
Friedman’s whips up home-style cooking and serves it with a friendly flair. They serve everything from breakfast favorites like pancakes topped with seasonal fruits to All-American dinner classics like steaks and burgers. You can’t go wrong at Friedman’s, especially if you worked up an appetite.

  • Full bar.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • Hearty breakfast options.
  • FCTRY’s Pick: Lamb Burger

6. Sunac Natural Market – 10 minute walk – $

Sunac is perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Grab some snacks, fresh fruits, or a full meal. Sunac offers a wide array of lunch options, which includes a grill, an Asian food bar, a salad/smoothie station, and a hot food buffet. The only downside is that there isn’t space to sit so you’ll need to retreat back to Javits to eat.

  • Open 24/7.
  • Hot food buffet.
  • Asian food bar.
  • Salad/Smoothie Station.
  • Deli & Grill.
  • Cafe.
  • Fresh veggies & fruits.
© 2017 Manhattan Sideways

7. The Gotham West Market – 13 minute walk – $-$$

Gotham West features some of New York’s cult food hits in the ultimate artisanal food court. You’ll find anything from ramen to tacos to sushi burritos. It does get rather rowdy in here so look elsewhere if you’re looking for a quiet place to unwind.

  • Variety of restaurants.
  • Plenty of tables and seating.
  • FCTRY’s Picks: Ample Hills Creamery for Ice Cream & Uma Temakeria for the Sushi Burrito.

8. Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine – 10 minute walk – $$

If you want some classic American comfort food then go to Clyde Frazier’s. The meals are hearty and the atmosphere is casual if you’re looking for a place to get some drinks after the show. It’s only a block away so it’s one of the closest options.

  • Casual ambiance.
  • Sports bar with TVs.
  • Full bar.
  • Close to Javits.

9. Larb Ubol – 14 minute walk – $

Go to Larb Ubol for authentic Thai food. It has an expansive menu that goes beyond the usual Pad Thai and fried rice options. Service is quick and lunch specials are available if you’re craving spice during your midday slump.

  • Authentic Thai.
  • Lunch Specials.
  • FCTRY Picks: Chicken Pad See Ew & Kra Prao.

Dinner and Drinks

If you did go with Javits Center for lunch then treat yourself with somewhere special for dinner and drinks. Let’s face it, you deserve it after eight hours walking the show floor.

10. PRINT. & The Press Lounge – 8 minute car ride – $$$ 

The view at The Press Lounge roof.

A top FCTRY Recommendation! This trendy restaurant specializes in fine American dining, with dishes ranging from Wagyu Beef Carpaccio to more traditional fare such as Roasted Chicken and Ribeye Steak. Print. is located at the Ink48 Hotel with The Press Lounge upstairs. Head on up once you’re done with dinner for amazing rooftop views of the city and great drinks.

  • Farm-to-table food.
  • Organic.
  • Ideal if you’re in the mood to impress.
  • Rooftop view of the city.
  • FCTRY Picks: Goat Cheese Gnocchi, Short Ribs, & Fettuccine.

11. Bea – 8 minute car ride – $$
Escape the chaos of the city by stepping into Bea. Bea offers a warm, intimate ambiance, making you feel like you’re in another time period. Bea features a creative drink menu with some exciting twists on classic American cuisine.

  • Original drink menu.
  • Cool vibes.
  • Great place to lounge.
  • FCTRY Pick: Ricotta and Honey Toast.

12. Minca – 25 minute car ride  – $$
According to FCTRY Ramen Connoiseur, Lucas, this is the best place to get ramen in the city. “Don’t go anywhere else [for ramen]. They’re all garbage,” he claims. With a flavorful, hearty broth and satisfyingly chewy noodles, the Basic Broth is anything, BUT basic.

  • Authentic ramen.
  • Cash Only.
  • FCTRY’s Pick: Basic Broth Ramen & Gyoza.

The FCTRY Booth – NYNOW Booth 7838 – FREE!
If you’re at Javits Center and in need of a little late day pick-me-up then come over to the FCTRY booth after 5PM. We’ll be serving up some strong margaritas right in our booth. It’s a little tradition of ours that we love to uphold.

  • Free Margaritas in Gummygoods Bubbles Bottles
  • FCTRY’s Pick: Go for the ones made by Tyler. They’ll have an extra kick to them.

New Year, New Spots

The food scene in New York is an ever-changing landscape, which comes with the territory of an extremely competitive food market. New restaurants pop up every day, with plenty that have joined the scene since the last NYNOW. We gathered our top picks for favorite new restaurant so you can skip the ones that won’t be around come next NYNOW.

Los Tacos No. 1  – 12 minute car ride – $

Boasting some of the best tacos in New York, Los Tacos No,. 1’s new location in Times Square is a tasty option for someone looking to stick to a budget. Consider Los Tacos one of New York’s best steals, with so much good food for such a low price. It’s right off of Times Square Station so you can hop on the 7 and be there in no time.

  • Affordable
  • Critically-acclaimed tacos
  • Quick. Think good fast food, but leagues beyond the quality of McD’s.
  • Casual.
  • FCTRY Pick: Tacos, of course! You can’t go wrong with whichever type you pick.

Emily  – 20 minute car ride – $$

With its roots in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill, Emily is a familiar name to a lot of us at FCTRY. Emily does everything from the classic margherita pizza to odd flavor combos like the miso queso and bacon Pig Freaker. Emily’s first Manhattan home opened this June in the West Village so you can get a taste of this beloved Brooklyn pizza.

  • Interesting Flavors.
  • Beloved Brooklyn Pizza.
  • Hearty Burgers.
  • FCTRY Pick: The rectangular Detroit-style pizza.
Emily’s For the Nguyen pizza. © 2017, New York Media LLC.

Smorg Square  – 16 minute car ride – $-$$

Can’t get enough of all the food options that New York has to offer? Make it easier for all involved by going to Smorg Square, the new Manhattan spin-off of the famous Brooklyn-borne Smorgasburg. This is the surefire hit to satisfy everyone’s cravings if you’re traveling with a group of people. Everything from Japanese and Jamaican to seafood and healthy juice options co-exist in this new market. It opens August 19th, just in time for NYNOW! Be warned that it’s only open from Friday thru Sunday so make sure to make time for it if it’s a top priority.

  • Variety of food options.
  • Quick.
  • Affordable.
  • Casual.
  • FCTRY Picks: Lumpia Shack for its namesake: lumpia (Filipino spring rolls) & The Good Batch for something sweet.

Looking for old favorites?

Check out the Winter 2017 Food Guide and the Summer 2016 Food Guide.

What did we miss?

We know we’re not the only ones who’ve spent too much time around the Javits Center. What are your favorite spots? Use the comments below to let us know!

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