Kamala Harris Is (Almost) Ready For Action

If you backed our RBG Action Figure on Kickstarter, you probably know we have a Kamala Harris Action Figure on the way. It’s a long road from concept to final production, so we thought we’d give you a quick update on where she’s at, and say thank you for being so patient.

Sculptor-extraordinaire Mike Leavitt has scaled down the Senator in his trademark style, and since then she’s been through the wringer – scanned, prototyped, transformed from clay sculpture to posable action figure, and we’re now in the process of perfecting paint colors and box design before she’s ready for production. This means she won’t look exactly like the photo above – she’ll look even more realistic.

Just a heads up! You’re going to see an announcement about another action figure in the next couple of days, but not to worry. This won’t impact or delay the production of Kamala in any way (we promise).

For those of you who ordered Kamala by pledging $100+ during the RBG Kickstarter campaign, we’ll send out another email with an update on shipping. In the meantime, sit tight and we’ll ship the tiny senator out to you just as soon as production is complete.

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i think the idea is that the figurines are people who have been president or who have campaigned for president. that seems to be the gist so far for the political figures. obviously RBG and Pope Francis don’t fit neatly there but Trump, Sanders, Clinton, Obama, and now Warren and Harris do fit.

I somehow missed Kamala! Eek! Love adding FCTRY action figures to the annual holiday card snaps for friends. Fingers crossed the announcement will be for a similar strong woman – Kristen Gillibrand, AOC, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Kyrsten Sinema, etc. Tammy Duckworth would be my first choice to better represent a number of firsts in discussions with my Nieces. Thank you!

I am IN! Also a few other like Ted Lieu please. Let’s celebrate all of our current heros…Best Action figure set ever created. I bought the RBG’s for friends for Christmas and they loved them. Keep up the good work! Elizabeth Warren seems like a good next choice. 🙂

They already make Elizabeth Warren. I bought her, RBG, Barack Obama & Bernie Sanders for my niece & nephew. I like the idea of Kamala, Maxine Waters, AOC, and several of the other new congresswomen.

All of these figures are excellent and I have all of them so far. I don’t have Instagram, but always want to know when the next one is ready to order.

WOW! I have all of the fabulous political figures so far, but I do not remember a notice to order this one. I’d like to make sure my collection is complete, so please keep me on the notification list to order this one & others in the future~thank you!

I like it but the likeness needs a bit more work. There is something East Indian about her cheekbones missing here and suggest looking a photos of her mother

Hey Michael! As mentioned in the blog post, we’re still working on her finer details – so she won’t look exactly like the image above (she’ll look even more like Kamala).

Hi Suzanne! No you didn’t. People who pledged $100 to our RBG Kickstarter campaign were promised a Kamala Action Figure (along with five others), but we’ll send out another update when we have her in stock. 🙂

Agree! I think at the very least the blouse showing should be an exciting color. Perhaps she wears gray a bunch and it was deliberately chosen but there needs to be something more fun to her ensemble. Same with the pearls…if it’s a signature look, then OK, but if not another opportunity to add some pizazz.

Hi Kamala & Debbie! As mentioned in the blog post, we’re still working on her finer details – so she won’t look exactly like the image above. 🙂

Hi Sandy! We didn’t have a Kickstarter campaign for Kamala (people who pledged $100 to our RBG Kickstarter campaign were promised a Kamala Action Figure, along with five others), but we’ll send out another update when we have her in stock. 🙂

Hi Judi. Just to clarify here… people who pledged $100 to our previous Kickstarter campaign got Kamala, along with five other figures. The price for a single action figure is just $20.

While I agree with many of the suggestions my fave is Amy Klobuchar but would love a Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria O-C too!

I do believe we are in need of a mini Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I could get behind a mini Congressman Beto O’Rourke.

Could you also do a mini Senator Lindsey Graham that comes packaged deeply in a little miniature closet?

Looking forward to Kamala! Would love to see Nacy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and yes, Hilary Clinton!! How about Maxine Waters, Amy Klobuchar Sandra Day O’Connor, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and even Michelle Obama!!

Hillary Clinton needs a makeover. It just doesn’t look like her. Would love a new version….
Anyone else agree???

Nancy Pelosi would be great 👍

I hope your final version of Kamala looks a lot more like her than what you have thus far. You have a ways to go. I do not recognize her in what you have here. Previous figures are much more on target than this one.

I will purchase a Kamala for my collection, but as someone else mentioned where is Nancy Pelosi? Also, with all due respect, I wish the artist would work on a more realistic looking face for the women action figures. The Hillary Clinton action figure doesn’t look like her at all, and this Kamala Harris action figure doesn’t really look like her either. She is much more beautiful than this figure depicts. And it’s not just your artist. Other companies that make action figures have a tough time with women’s faces. The men action figures look exactly like the person, but the women … almost never!

This may be the first one I don’t buy. I’m a big fan of Kamala Harris but as some have pointed out, this doesn’t look like her. If it wasn’t already identified, I don’t think I would have known who it was supposed to be.

Hi Lee! As mentioned in the blog post, she’s almost but not yet ready for production. We’ll post a link up just as soon as she’s ready to preorder. 🙂

I pledged during the RGB kick starter, but didn’t notice the Kamala option. I would like to get her, too. I’ll wait till she’s in your store, but be sure to let me know if you have future kick starters for more stuff. Thanks!

I’m a geek on this- but she kind of needs her glasses in her hand (like RBG has her mallet). Watch her during a hearing etc.
PS: Did you catch me in the Boston Globe – well my butt – with Lizzy in my pocket, at a rally in Boston?

Of course I want this Action figure, how soon can I place an order for two figures. How can I sign up for a subscription to all new figures in advance so I know I will receive at least one and then can order additional. I want a subscription membership for these products.

I think it is time to consider a certain lady, now a two time Speaker of the House, and still the only woman to hold the office, for an Action Figure. Nancy is right now the most political powerful woman in the whole of the United States of America.

I agree – I would love to see Michelle Obama and President Jimmy Carter (in Habitat Overalls with tool belt would great)!

You got to a figure of Nancy Pelosi – complete with that big Speaker Gavel – As the first female Speaker of the House and arguably the most effective from either party – is more than deserving of having her own figure. While I would love AOC – she has made a great splash and anything that she does causes the opposition to lose their mind – she is just starting her career as a Representative.

Oh how I’d love a Maxine Waters. After that, a Nancy Pelosi. After that, a Joe Biden. Maybe a Joe Biden/Obama valentine set next year. I already have Obama, but the love lives on!

Love the Kamala Harris action figure! But where are the black pearls? She is know for wearing them with pride. I think the black pearls would make her perfect. Just a thought.

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