The Donald Trump Action Figure preorder starts today! But whether he’s actually produced is all up to you.

It’s Happening! …Well, kind of.

The Donald Trump Action Figure preorder has started! But the fate of the Trump Action Figure is completely in your hands.

How is it all up to you? Well, we’re following a Kickstarter-esque model. We need to reach our $15,000 goal by Election Day, November 8th, or the Trump Action Figure will be cancelled. That’s about 750 Trump Action Figures that need to be preordered before we give it the full greenlight for production.

What happens if we don’t reach the goal? Everyone gets a full refund and we pretend that this never happened.


Our Un-Trumpiest Cause

We’ve picked our Un-Trumpiest cause to donate to after going through all of the suggestions sent in from survey voters. 5% of all profits from Trump Action Figure sales will be donated to our cause of choice: Border Angels. They’re a human rights organization that is helping to save lives along the US-Mexican border. Their founder and executive director, Enrique Morones, has quite an opinion on Trump.

Make It Happen

Preorder yours now and get the full rundown of the project.