This fall, with the launch of our Elizabeth Warren Real Life Action Figure, we gave you a challenge: document your adventures with Liz and there might be a sweet surprise in store. After our mini-Warrens made their way to their new homes, we received over 100 entries to win a prize of Brooklyn’s finest doughnuts. Out of those, we painstakingly selected three standout entries that capture the Senator’s dynamic spirit.




Although we only picked three winners, we wanted to shout out entries that gave us a laugh.


#WithWarren, you rallied for change:

And made inter-species peace:

Our mini-Warren even made it to the Senator’s very own headquarters:

A huge thanks to everyone who entered — there were so many great moments, choosing just three to win was a formidable task to take on. This time around, we decided to stick with the popular vote of the FCTRY team’s favorite photos.



The champions of this challenge were selected for their ingenuity, quality, and dynamic nature — just like the Senator.


Warren got together with some friends and fought for net neutrality:

Cheered for teams big & small:

And caught up on some light reading:

by @lesliesue13

Congratulations Nicole, Taj, and Leslie! Thanks for sticking #WithWarren.

Of course, the best part of this contest was seeing all that you did #WithWarren by your side. If you want to have your own adventures #WithWarren, you can find her here. And you can find some of her friends (and one foe) here.